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Thursday, October 12, 2017

I love a good quick read.
I've had this book for several years and it's one of my favorites.

When I was younger I struggled with approval from friends, co-workers, classmates and it took me many years before I've gotten to a point in my life that I simply don't try and please others like I use to.  I've found a good place, one that allows me to say "no" more than ever before and to not feel guilty about it.
It wasn't an easy road, I lost friends and I thought that if I didn't try to fit in I'd be left out. 

 There are days that I resort back to reading this book, like I am now.
It's easy to fall back into seeking the approval of others.
I keep this book on the night stand for a quick reminder.
I recommend this book if you struggle or know someone who does with seeking the approval of others.

Everybody wants to be loved. We all need affirmation, acceptance, and approval. Let's face it: It feels good to be appreciated and admired. But when we depend on the approval of others to feel good about ourselves, it's impossible to have emotional stability or a healthy self-image. And when our value is based on how people see us rather than God's unconditional love for us, our desire for approval can become an addiction. 

Here's another favorite book of mine.
Sometimes we all need a reminder that we aren't the only one who is struggling, when so often we think we are alone.

We have a son who will be thirteen in a few months.
Thirteen and who has become very challenging.
Pre-teens...... I've been through the pre-teens four other times and YES, I've survived our should I say "we survived."
But honestly this time around is different.
I'm not sure if it's because I'm older or maybe because there are more years that have gone by since I've had to go through this stage.  Whatever the reason, I've been reading more books that encourage me and allow me to laugh and see a bit of hope when it's all over.
This book right here I've read and re-read and I'm currently reading it again.
Pray for me as I think  know that I'm menopausal and I just have days when it seems like my mood is worse than the day before. My thirteen year old is going through puberty and so we are both going through changes that aren't fun.

God gave us emotions to experience life, not destroy it! Lysa TerKeurst admits that she, like most women, has had experiences where others bump into her happy and she comes emotionally unglued. We stuff, we explode, or we react somewhere in between. What do we do with these raw emotions? Is it really possible to make emotions work for us instead of against us? Yes, and in her usual inspiring and practical way, Lysa will show you how. Filled with gut-honest personal examples and biblical teaching, Unglued will equip you to: • Know with confidence how to resolve conflict in your important relationships. • Find peace in your most difficult relationships as you learn to be honest but kind when offended. • Identify what type of reactor you are and how to significantly improve your communication. • Respond with no r

My granddaughter is coming over this weekend and we'll be making mini donuts.
She saw this little gadget the other day and she and I are both excited to use this.

Do you all have the one perfume that you go to more than others ??
This one here is by MaryKay and is my favorite ever.

As a creamy floral, Belara® Eau de Parfum is a perfectly balanced, sheer fragrance with an invigorating blend of luminous florals and creamy warm notes.
  • Top notes include San Joaquin Fig and Opal Lotus Flower.
  • Middle notes include Snowdrop Flower and Golden Acacia Blossoms.
  • Bottom notes include Milky Sandalwood and Cotton Musk.
Happy Friday !! I've got a busy weekend with a football game Saturday and a few photos shoots on Sunday.
Stop back on Monday as I link up with Biana for Weekend Re-cap.

Weekend Re-Cap !

Monday, October 9, 2017

Happy Monday ! I'm linking up today with Biana for Weekend Re-Cap.
Another busy weekend but I'm not complaining because I like busy.
Do you use essential oils?  If you do what is your favorite place to buy from ?  I've picked up a few oils from Marshall's, the packaging says "Pure 100% Oils" but I always wonder if I'm truly getting the best quality.
Anyway this time of year our allergies are in full gear.  I always like having a mixture in my diffuser to help rid our home of allergens.

This one is nothing fancy, it's from Purely and works wonderfully.  I've bought oils from a rep who sells Purely. 

Our sweet Ameer was cheering for the Warriors on Saturday.
We all headed to Fremont to watch Payton play in his first game of the season.
He's been out with a knee injury so he's missed 3 games.

Payton is the quarterback and played amazing.  He scored on a run in the second drive he was in on.
He felt great after the game, and he should he did a great job.
The Warriors simply couldn't pull off the win.
Close but not a won.

These three have been friends since middle school. They've played little league football together and now their playing at the college level.
I Love a great Saturday Football Game.

Here's Paytons TD !
Bryton and his friend stood up at the end ! I got most of it.

On Sunday I took this sweet families pictures.
We met at one of my favorite parks and I enjoyed taking some amazing photographs.

Check more out here 

Sunday I went by to see this sweet baby girl.
Sweet Kinsley was born in August but with so many things going on including wedding stuff I waited until I could relax and enjoy visiting mom and baby.
She is the tiniest little girl.
She even smiled a little.

Have a wonderful Monday. 

Friday Favorites !

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Happy Friday !
I am starting off by sharing this photo of sweet Ameer Alex.  This little guy has a lot more teeth than the last photo that I posted of him.  He has a much bigger personality and says "hi" and is the biggest blessing. 

As my readers are aware, we had a WEDDING.......
Our daughter Tia married her best friend this past Saturday 9.30.17
The wedding was outdoors and at one of my favorite spots in Omaha, Cooper Farms.
It rained a little in the morning, making me a little nervous.  I met the delivery crew at the site around 9a.m. to set up the chairs and the arch.  It sprinkled but thankfully it ended by the time we were leaving. The sun started to peak through and so I knew it would be a wonderful day.

The sun was shining (praising God), there was a little wind but nothing to drastic.

I want to share photos however, we hired our photographer and her assistant and both are in high demand, we are currently in que due to other customers in front of us.  So I was informed that it could take anywhere from 6-8 weeks for photographs.
I'm patiently waiting.
You all...... it was the most beautiful wedding ever.
The reception was filled with hundreds of family and friends celebrating our daughter Tia and her husband Tony.
I promise to do a whole post once the photographs are available.
I'll share more fine details from the wedding.

Fall is my favorite.  The leaves are just starting to change colors here in Nebraska.

I have several photo sessions scheduled for this weekend and next.
I told my clients to wear their cute boots, a pretty scarf and sweater or vest.
Such a pretty time of year to capture the beauty of some of my favorite parks and some amazing clients.

We brought home a few vases filled with flowers from the wedding.
I'm trying to keep them alive a little longer because they are so pretty.
The colors were simply gorgeous.

Thursday Favorites !

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

I usually like to link up for Friday Favorites.  But as most of you are aware.... this is wedding week and I'll be busy Friday preparing for the big day.
So I'm sharing my favorites a day earlier.

This coffee mug :)
It screamed my name so I just had to buy it.
I've been sipping my morning coffee out of it the past few days.

This year I decided to buy a few WHITE pumpkins.
So we have both orange and white pumpkins on our front porch.

Aww.... Marshall's has some of the cutest signs, wreathes and all things FALL.
I love this time of the year :)
The weather here in Nebraska is perfection.
It rained Monday and Tuesday but Wednesday was just wonderful.
I took my sweaters and vests out of the storage and today I'm sporting my favorite zip up sweater.

I found a pretty pair of silver earrings at Target the other night.
I've been debating as to wear little pearl earrings or go bolder with a long silver pair.
I think I'll have both on hand and determine the day of the wedding.
All these fine details are killing me.
The other day I had forgotten that I needed a buy a new bra.
And wouldn't you know the one I bought is so uncomfortable.
I am going hunting for a new one this morning,

Pray that this mama makes it and doesn't have any melt downs.
Enjoy your weekend and I will touch base with ya'll on Monday !

Weekend Re-Cap !

Monday, September 25, 2017

Our daughters wedding is in less than a week and I put off finding shoes to match my dress until a week before.  What's up with that ?
I'm not normally a procrastinator, I'm usually way ahead of schedule.
But finding the perfect shoe for such a very important date was something that I was taking my time with.
I googled mother of the bride dresses, I googled what shoes to wear with a certain dress and so on and so on.
And then........
My very favorite department store had me like.......
I came across these.
A beautiful open toe ,velvet, navy blue shoe . Oh my goodness I love them.

On Friday I had a quick little photo shoot for this adorable mom and her sweet boy Leo.
I photographed them almost a year ago when Leo was just one year old.
He turns two years old in a few weeks and I got to capture some great moments.
If you want to see more pictures go to my photography website HERE

Sunday evening I met this sweet girl and her mama at our local park for a quick little photo shoot.
Allie recently turned two years old.
Her eyes are simply beautiful.
Thank you Betsy for allowing me to photograph your little girl.
Go here to view more photos of Allie

Happy Monday ladies.
This is wedding week.
Lots and lots of excited for the huge day.

My Easy Pumpkin Spice Latte !

Thursday, September 21, 2017

What's Up Wednesday !

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Weekend Re-Cap !

Friday Favorites !

Saturday, September 16, 2017

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