Weekend Re-Cap !

Monday, August 21, 2017

My sweet grandson you turned one year old on Friday.
You have four little teeth and more to come in any day.
You are walking, you love walking. Seeing you smile so BIG  as you take your big boy steps melts my heart.
You love Baby Einstein Videos and you clap in excitement when I turn a video on.
You are such a delight and we didn't even know it but you are exactly what we all needed.
God brings people into our lives for many reasons and we are so thankful for you.
Your sweet disposition and your love for your mom is so big.
We love you Ameer Alex.

My sister Gigi and my granddaughter.
So thankful she made the three hour drive to see us on Saturday. We had a graduation party for Jordan on Saturday evening.
It turned out to be a fantastic evening with friends, family and food.

J and one of his best friends Mitch who attended high school and college and both played on the Husker Football Team.

Uncle Payton trying to keep Mia entertained.  She told me a zillion times that she was bored.

It turned out to be such a fantastic weekend.
As always, I remained busy.
Funny side note..... on Sunday I woke up with an extreme headache and achy body, I seriously felt hung over however I only drank half a beer so I know it wasn't a hang over.
Took several Advil and downed several bottles of water so thankfully felt better by the end of the day.

Sunday evening I had a fabulous time taking pictures of this sweet couple.
They were a wonderful couple to photograph, they were relaxed and simply adorable.

Here's to our weekend and here's to a fabulous week ahead.

Friday Favorites !

Friday, August 18, 2017

It's Friyay again.
I'm linking up with some wonderful bloggers to share my FAVORITES !

This weekend we are throwing another party.
Another Grad Party to be exact.
Stop back on Monday when I link up with Biana for Weekend Re-Cap.

Happy Birthday ! 

The day you were born 8.18.2016

Happy 1st Birthday to you sweet Ameer Alex !
You are one year old today 8.18.2017
You came into this world a year ago and have brought us complete happiness.
I've been fortunate as I get to spend my mornings with you while your mama works.
We snuggle, giggle and have gone on several walks together.
You are growing every day and right now you have four teeth. Two teeth on the top on two teeth on the bottom.
You chew on everything. I'm determined that any day now and another tooth or two will pop through.

Love you sweet boy.

I bit the bullet and signed up on line for Weight Watchers.
I'm in dire need of losing 20 pounds. I'd love to lose at least 5 before my daughters wedding September 30th.
I've procrastinated and haven't purchased my dress for the wedding yet. I simply don't want to be as big as I am now trying on dresses for such an important day.

My thought is weight watchers may help me be more accountable with my food consumption.
The point system has worked for so many people I know.
Baby steps.
I will keep you informed with my progress.  I'm sure hoping to see some progress.

I added the Weight Watchers App to my phone.
It allows me to scan the bar code on frozen meals or health bars easily for the points or you search the food in the search bar and it comes right up.
I love that I'm able to see where I'm at with points anytime I want.
Today (DAY 1) it's 4:00 in the afternoon and I still have 15 points to go for the rest of the day.
I'll let you know on Monday how this is working for me.

These are so delicious.
I know....just posted that I joined Weight Watchers and I'm posting a photo of Chocolate Covered Expresso Beans. Well....... they were good and I will continue to have a few, even while on Weight Watchers. A few won't hurt, I'm sure of it. 

Two things.
I'm loving my Apple Watch and my new band that I purchased on Amazon.
It dresses it up a little.
Investing in an Apple Watch has been fantastic.
It's made me aware of how much I sit down somedays.
It gives me a cute little reminder that it's time to stand up.
I tend to leave my phone in my purse more which I don't mind this at all.
Before my watch I always had my phone glued to my hand or in my back pocket.

My sweet granddaughter started kindergarten this week.
She was so excited.
I've spent a lot of time with her this summer and I know that she's ready for school.
I hope school is ready for her.
Love you to the moon and back Mia.

What We've Been Up to !

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Happy Wednesday.
As you know, if you read my Weekend Re-Cap Post, I had an eventful weekend to say the least.
Between Tia's Bachlorette Party Friday and Saturday we also saw our son graduate from college AND we had a Bridal Shower on Sunday for Tia.
Her sweet friend Ariel flew in from Atlanta for the big weekend. Without her and my niece I'm not sure what I would have done, they were so helpful.
Ariel did an amazing job getting all the games picked out. Thank you sweet girls. 

Everything looked so pretty. 
The pearl and gold decorations were a great combo.

Cutest little cakes.

Tia loving on the babies.

Bridesmaids a little hung over from the weekend.

Our sweet daughter with her finance's family.
Sisters and her soon to be mother-in-law. 

Playing some fun games.
Games are always a great way for everyone to really get to know the bride.

I couldn't help but to snap a quick photo of my sweet grandson.
He made a brief appearance. 

Tia got all kinds of fun gifts.
So thankful for everyone's generosity.

This mama was on empty.
Here I am taking a brief moment to sit down and breathe.

Sunday was filled with family and friends and lots of laughs !
This group of girls is simply amazing.
Watching them and seeing how excited they all are to see their bestie get married next month melts my heart.

Thank you to everyone who came to have a blast of a weekend.
The time is getting close. You'll be a beautiful bride walking down the isle to say "Ido"
My sweet girl Tia.... We love you so much.

Weekend Re-Cap !

Monday, August 14, 2017

This weekend was filled with lots of firsts.
Our daughter Tia is getting married at the end of September and our son J graduated from college. 
Tia our first child out of five to get married and J our first child to graduate from college.

Friday night our daughter Tia's bridesmaids threw her a bachelorette party.
Here my girl is with all her bridesmaids.
Such a fun group of girls. Ariel flew in from Atlanta to attend this weekends festivities. 

Ariel has been Tia's best friend since grade school.
These two girls made the party extra fun.

The girls and I before the party got a little wild and this mama thought it was best to head out.

Love love this photo of my two favorite people.

Saturday morning we headed to Lincoln as our son graduated from UNL with a degree in Journalism.
So proud of him.
Not only was he a college student but he was also a college athlete.
When long days of football would make studying a bit more challenging this son of ours would be in his books until late late hours at night not giving up.
I worried, went to bed many nights wondering if he should just focus on being a student and quit football.
I knew somedays it was all taking a toll on him.
However..... I knew that our son was not a quitter.
He never has been.
I love this about him, when it got tough he plugged his way through. 
Watching him graduate was a huge day for us all.
We went though some ups and downs but Saturday seeing him cross the stage with the biggest smile on his face as he looked up at us as he grabbed that diploma made it all worth it.

Here he is pointing to me and mumbeling  the words "I did it mom "

There was a nice Student Athlete Reception that followed graduation.
We ate great food and talked and he was given his class ring by the athletic director.
It was a special moment for our son.

We took a few photos of our family at the Lincoln Country Club where our family and the Jordan Family (our sons best friend Harrison's last name is Jordan) and had the best time.  Lots of wonderful food and drinks.
The hubs and I had such a great day celebrating Jordan and his huge accomplishment. 

Saturday evening we headed back to Omaha everyone was still enjoying the bachelorette party.
My sister and nieces came into town for all the festivities.
Here we are striking a pose.

The sweet bride to be and her Aunt Georgia.

I'm stopping here and Sunday we threw Tia a Bridal Shower.
I have another post of ALL the things Bridal Shower..
Stay tuned for tomorrow's post as I have lots of fun pictures to share.

Happy Monday.
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